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Stlvinnie's Latest 2010 NFL Mock Draft #3

Created 4/22/2010

This is our first version of our 2010 NFL Mock Draft. With the 2010 NFL Draft less than two weeks away we still have more questions than answers. I believe the first round of this draft is going to be very entertaining. The top 10 has stories all around. Some experts have Clausen ahead of Bradford, McCoy ahead of Suh, Earl Thomas above Eric Berry, so there is no consensus. The biggest question is how many teams will take the BPA over their top need? How many top 10 talents like CJ Spiller and Dez Bryant fall out of the top 10? Of the teams that could use a QB like the Rams, Seattle, Browns, and Bills how many will take one in round 1? Please go to our blog at to leave your comments about the upcoming draft.



1 St. Louis Rams (1-15) QB Sam Bradford, Oklahoma - It's time the St. Louis Rams fans got a face for their franchise and a franchise QB to watch grow.  There is a lot of hype around Jimmy Clausen but I think Bradford is the better choice. A trade still worries me.
2 Detroit Lions (2-14) DT Ndamukong Suh, Nebraska - This is a simple BPA vs. need. Will Detroit feel pressure from their recent draft failures to take the BPA Suh or get the 10 year protector of Stafford in Okung.
3 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-13) DT Gerald McCoy, Oklahoma - Tampa needs serious secondary help but McCoy is a top 5 talent that will be too much for them to pass up.
4 Washington Redskins (4-12) OT Russell Okung, Oklahoma State - I really like Trent Williams but everyone has Okung rated a little higher. Either way I believe Donovan McNabb will be very happy on Day 1.
5 Kansas City Chiefs (4-12) S Eric Berry, Tennessee - I have a hard time passing up on Trent Williams here but the Chiefs defense has been terrible for too long. Time to take the BPA and get a new play making QB for the defense. Berry is the guy here.
6 Seattle Seahawks (5-11) RB C.J. Spiller, Clemson - Well well well what do we have here. Sure Seattle needs a QB and OT but this is Pete Cerroll. A match made in heaven. Pete loves the player maker and Spiller is the best in the draft. They will go OT at #14.
7 Cleveland Browns (5-11) QB Jimmy Clausen, Notre Dame - The Browns are definitely the wild card in the top 10.They could use Berry, Williams, Clausen, etc. I don't by the smoke screen from Holmgren. Clausen is a top 10 talent on all boards now a he snap him up.
8 Oakland Raiders (5-11) OT Trent Williams, Oklahoma - Speaking of Wild Cards here come the Raiders. Everyone likes Bruce Campbell here but why? I think Williams could easily be the best OT in this draft. Face it nobody knows what the Raiders will do.
9 Buffalo Bills (6-10) OLB Sergio Kindle, Texas - Buffalo is in a tough spot at #9 if the Browns actually take Clausen. Both big tackles will be gone as well. After dealing with Owens will they take Bryant? The Bills could do anything here.
10 Jacksonville Jaguars (7-9) DE Jason Pierre-Paul, USF - I like Derrick Morgan here as a solid DE but Paul has a huge upside and could also play OLB. Coming from South Florida this will also add some much needed fan support to the Jags.
11 Denver Broncos (8-8) WR Dez Bryant, Oklahoma State - Pouncey or Weatherspoon would be nice picks for the Broncos but not at up at #11. They will take the top 5 talent in Bryant who will be too good to pass up here. I look for them to move Marshall. 
12 Miami Dolphins (7-9) DT Dan Williams, Tennessee - Miami is another team in a bad draft position. If Bryant is still available they will scoop him up. I can't believe Haden is still on the board here. The fish seem to want a DT will they risk getting Cody later?
13 San Francisco 49ers (8-8) CB Joe Haden, Florida - The 49ers will be very happy if Haden is still on the board at #13. They could also go with an OT here but I think they will risk finding one at #17 since top 10 talent in Haden is still available.
14 Seattle Seahawks (5-11) OT Bryan Bulaga, Iowa - If Bulaga, Davis and Campbell are all still here the Seahawks will take their pick. Rams are in big trouble if the hawks manage to get Spiller and Bulaga.
15 New York Giants (8-8) ILB Rolando McClain, Alabama - With the injury to Pierce and his age McClain is a great pick here for the Giants who love to get after the QB.
16 Tennessee Titans (8-8) DE Derrick Morgan, Georgia Tech - The Titans should be pretty simple they will go with Morgan, Pierre-Paul, or Haden depending who falls to #16.
17 San Francisco 49ers (8-8) OT Anthony Davis, Rutgers - The 49ers will take the best tackle available at this position. If the Niners land Haden and a top tier OT they will be jumping up and down heading into Day 2
18 Pittsburgh Steelers (9-7) OG Mike Iupati, Idaho - The Steelers could go many ways here but the best value is Iupati. They could also go with Pouncey but there is more value in Iupati here.
19 Atlanta Falcons (9-7) DE Brandon Graham, Michigan - Graham is just a solid ball player. Odrick or Griffen could also be the choice just depends who the Falcons have rated higher.
20 Houston Texans (9-7) CB Kyle Wilson, Boise State -The Texas have to replace Robinson, they would love to pick up Haden but he will most likely make it down to spot #20.
21 Cincinnati Bengals (10-6) TE Jermaine Gresham, Oklahoma - Carson Palmer sure could use a huge target like Gresham. Would the Bengals get Mays to go along with Malaluga?
22 New England Patriots (10-6) WR Golden Tate, Notre Dame - Sean Weatherspoon would be a nice pick here but the Patriots will continue to load up on receivers that can make plays.
23 Green Bay Packers (11-5) OT Bruce Campbell, Maryland - Aaron Rodgers will be very thankful if the Packers pick up a big lineman so he can stay off his back long enough to win games for the Packers..
24 Philadelphia Eagles (11-5) C Maurkice Pouncey, Florida - If Pouncey and Earl Thomas are on the board the Eagles can't lose. Reid loves to draft lineman in the first round. The Eagles also have a ton of picks so Reid may trade up to get want he wants.
25 Baltimore Ravens (9-7) CB Kareem Jackson, Alabama - It will be very interesting to see if the Ravens might pair Ray Lewis with Taylor Mays. That could be quite the combo but for now I lean toward a top corner to shore up the need.
26 Arizona Cardinals (10-6) ILB Sean Weatherspoon, Missouri - I would love to see the Cardinals take a shot on Jerry Hughes here but Weatherspoon is the more solid player at this point. Hughes could let the Cards try a look of things on D but Weatherspoon is needed.
27 Dallas Cowboys (11-5) S Earl Thomas, Texas - What a perfect fit for the Cowboys. I can't believe Thomas is still on my board at #27 but he is so I have to hand him to the Cowboys. If all the safeties are gone OT Charles Brown will be the pick.
28 San Diego Chargers (13-3) RB Ryan Mathews, Boise State -The Chargers would love Cody but no way they pass up on Mathews or Best if they are still there at #28.
29 New York Jets (9-7)

S Taylor Mays, USC - The Jets are loaded and look Rex Ryan is getting a shiny new toy. Taylor Mays will allow the Jets to continue to impose their physical style. If the Jets get Mays they will blitz on almost every play.

30 Minnesota Vikings (12-4) RB Jahvid Best, Cal - A cornerback like Devin McCourty would be a good pick up here but the Vikings are good enough to just take another play maker. Jahvid Best would be a great compliment to Peterson and a good replacement for Taylor.
31 Indianapolis Colts (14-2) DE Jared Odrick, Penn St. -I would like to see them pick up Tim Tebow here I think he would be a great pick. For now I will make the safe one and take Odrick.
32 New Orleans Saints (13-3) DE Everson Griffen, USC - A think Griffen helps the Saints with their pass rush which at times was pretty weak. They are going to score plenty of points so every time they can make a stop on defense they will be that much further ahead.

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